Tastiest locations in Tallinn and Vilnius with food blogger Anna Panna

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Tastiest locations in Tallinn and Vilnius with food blogger Anna Panna

During some warm and sunny days in May I got a chance to take my fascinating and absolutely gorgeous MINI to go on a tour to our neighbors’ territories. And I must say, Lithuania and Estonia are both absolutely stunning vacation destinations.

Despite the fact that they’re considered to be countries of the Baltic State, some would expect great similarity, but my experience proved there is so much diversity to explore in the great countries of our neighborhood!

This time I will introduce you to the most delicious places of two mighty capitals – Vilnius and Tallinn, where I was driving around together with MINI from one amazing spot to another and discovering local flavors to share them with you!

Vilnius, Lithuania

For me Vilnius has always been full of surprises. It is simple, a bit old-fashioned and totally hipster at the same time.

We started our weekend in Užupis Republic – a bohemian neighborhood next to the river which is compared to Montmartre for Lithuanians.

When you are in Užupis you should definitely visit a restaurant called “Sweet root”. Some would say it is the best restaurant in Vilnius and they might be just right. They only serve seasonal and self-grown products.

Photos by Sweet Root

You should make a reservation for a tasting menu and enjoy those 3 hours and 7 courses of perfection. Each dish tastes bold and spectacular. This is the kind of place that will blow your mind.

Photos by Sweet Root

After a good and proper dinner, it’s important to enjoy some drinks.

The first place to recommend is “LOVE bar”.

They have exceptional cocktails and appetizers and the good part is, you can feel comfortable wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, no dress-code necessary.

Photos by LOVE Bar

Local’s favorite place for midnight drinks is “Young’s club”. They offer delicious cocktails and great music to get you into a dancing mood. It is located at the food market just next to the sweetest grannies selling homemade cottage cheese and eggs in the daylight.

Photo by HALĖS Food Market 

During the day the food market opens up and welcomes you to enjoy a wide range of food – bagels, fried chicken, local delicacies, a great variety of Italian goods and a lot more.

Photo by HALĖS Food Market

Vilnius is indeed a wonderful destination.

They have a lot of different foodie places with an ingenious concept. One of my dearests is the “Kitchen” restaurant.

When you walk in there you feel like home because the dining area is a spacious room with an old and squeaky parquet. In the evening it is full of locals and tourists. Also, the staff and food are excellent.

Photos by Kitchen

Just next to “Kitchen”, there is a fantastic spot hidden in the backyard – “14 horses brasserie”.

This restaurant is everything you want it to be. It is probably the first place that opens up in the morning and at 6:30 am you can go and enjoy some breakfast. At noon you can come to the business lunch but later in the day the menu offers you a chance to be served a rainbow on a plate. The food is colorful, thrilling and tastes incredible. You can feel that every single part of the dish is cooked to perfection and filled with love by the local chefs.

Photos by 14 Horses Brasserie

For dessert or a light lunch break, I would suggest visiting “Sugamour”. There you should definitely try the pistachio ice-cream and macarons.

For more fulfilling snacks go next door to “Holy Donut”. They have the best doughnuts I’ve ever tried in the Baltic region. You can also enjoy Eggs Benedict and bagels there.

Last but not least is a place called “BaliWood” – my personal aesthetic getaway. It’s not a café, but they do serve great coffee here! It is a unique interior design store in Vilnius, where all interior items come straight from Bali. It’s totally different from everything else and it feels and smells like the ocean. The island vibes are enhanced by natural plants all around, as the plant shop is a part of the BaliWood store.

Apart from restaurants and cafés, there are also lots of food-courts in Vilnius, which are located downtown as well as in upper part of the city.

And on Fridays they have the “Open Kitchen” street food market going on right next to Užupis.

Photos by Open Kitchen

Tallinn, Estonia

Sfäär – restaurant and coffee shop. One of my top choices in Tallinn. It always serves amazing food, the staff is knowledgeable, and the interior gives you a great escape from the outside world. The restaurant is filled with big natural plants and urban accents.

The food is truly remarkable, and the menu is short but rich with flavors. When you read the menu, it all looks simple but when you actually try it – your taste buds explode. It’s so fresh!

Also, they have a great kid’s menu, so the restaurant is packed with families and big groups of people.

Sfäär is a must while visiting Tallinn.

Just few blocks away, also in the Rotermann quarter, you can find probably the best coffee house in the city – ROST. Here you can have the perfect cappuccino or even better – coffee made just for you, according to your preferences. And the biggest bonus is their freshly baked cardamom buns and sandwiches which are spectacular. Prepare to wait in a big line because the shop is always packed with residents and tourists but it’s totally worth it!

If you are looking for street food places in Tallinn, you should go straight to Balti Jaama Turg – a newly renovated Market place. Here you will find ever taste you can imagine – Italian Gelato, Asian fusion, local farmer’s goods and a lot more. It is extremely welcoming to the point where you just want to spend your whole day there.

Photos by Balti Jaama Turg

Next to Balti Jaama Market is Telliskivi quarter which is amazing and where artists have their shops. Huge variety of restaurants and cafés is located right here as well.

The one place that definitely stands out from the crowd is “One Sixty” restaurant. Probably one of the coolest spots in Tallinn. It’s new and it for sure checks all the boxes. A barbecue place where you can only order at the counter and you’re served with the perfect barbecued meat along with a choice of simple side dishes.

One Sixty” has an open kitchen so you can see how everything works and how the food is being prepped. While you wait you can enjoy the leathery smell of comfy furniture and alternative music.

It sounds weird but this place is like taking a trip through a man’s world. Everything screams tattoos and beards. Inside the restaurant they have these rare motorcycles, a repair shop next door and a clothing store upstairs. Stunning experience! Totally recommended!

And, getting back to the outstanding food, when you are done with your burgers or ribs, please, order some cheesecake with pistachio gelato. It will certainly be the best you’ve ever tried!

To enjoy a good cup of coffee and pastries in Telliskivi quarter, check out the place called “Fika”.

Photos by Fika

But if you are looking for cocktails and parties, there is no doubt, you should visit “MUST” or the extraordinary “PEATUS” which is located in an old train.

Another cool foodie place in Tallinn is Pōhjala tap room. It’s a local’s spot, with a cozy atmosphere, a wide selection of craft beer and barbecued food. By the way, a fantastic place for a long breakfast meal on lazy Sunday morning.

Also, if you have time, you should go for a tour in Pōhjala brewery.

Photos by Pōhjala

For an even fancier experience, you should try the restaurant “Tuljak”. It is located in a building that now is a protected cultural heritage and it was built in the 60s. Now, after 50 years, it is renovated, and the restaurant is operating again.

The interior as well as the menu includes hints from an old Tuljak restaurant. Deep respect for local ingredients is being carried on from the old times into nowadays. Skilled chefs have given the old recipes a makeover and serve dishes with modern twists. In this menu you will find lots of seafood options and it certainly will be prepared in the best way possible.

And what I love the most – a fantastic dessert menu. Every little thing in this menu sounds mouth-watering.

Photos by Tuljak

So, if you are planning a getaway but don’t want to travel too far, consider these awesome destinations that are just a 4-hour-drive away from Riga. Vilnius and Tallinn are worth visiting not only once or twice. There is so much to see and a lot to try. The perfect way to get a break from your everyday routine, to recharge and find some inspiration.

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