Katya Shehurina reveals her life principles and true values

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Katya Shehurina reveals her life principles and true values

Katya Shehurina, originally from Latvia, is a Founder of a London based designer label KATYA KATYA LONDON, which offers a unique selection of feminine bridal and women’s wear pieces. Katya’s brand of vintage inspired styles with opulent lace and silk materials is indeed an anthem to timeless elegance and chic refinement.

Katya graduated from the prestigious ESMOD fashion design school in Paris studying the craft of couture. Following a period with renowned French designers Nicolas Fafiotte and David Purves, Katya decided to launch her own business in 2007. Since then, her distinctive style has gained international recognition. As Katya’s first flagship boutique opened in London in 2011, the brand has continuously attracted the attention of UK press as well as international buyers.

We met Katya in the buzzing atmosphere of Riga Fashion Week backstage, where she did her magic, captivating and charming everyone around.

Do you consider yourself a person of a world of fashion? Do you live and breathe with it?

For me fashion is more of a job. Nowadays I made a decision to fully dive into the “wedding” industry, concentrate only on making bridal collections. Because fashion in its classical meaning and bridal fashion are two different things, so the work is also very diverse. Therefore, I choose bridal fashion and now developing my vision of a so-called “Boho-chic”, no ordinary Bride.
Although, my life is not only fashion and work! I do have family, which I love deeply. Also, I have lots of interests outside the fashion world. I’m trying to keep my balance between work, family and passions of my own. I truly believe in an importance of keeping your balance for each and everyone.

Now, rather typical question, but answers usually vary in many fascinating ways – what inspires you?

I’m very much inspired by fabric itself. Especially in bridal collections, where you use lots of lace, each kind has its own unique pattern. When I work with lace, it speaks to me and shows me its own way, the curtain composition to get the perfect result. Of course, as banal as it sounds, I’m inspired by travelling around, seeing new places, getting different experience. Also, I get inspiration from our clientele – our brides’ sense of style, visions of their perfect dress, their mood whilst awaiting for the precious moment.

Is being in contact with your clients important for you?

I am in constant contact with buyers of our collections. These purchases from different stores are giving me better understanding of a market demand.
My team here in Riga and in our London stores stay in contact with our brides. Every evening I get the full report on who visited the store, what has been tried on and chosen, or what additional wishes clients had. These daily feedbacks help me to stay connected to our clientele and it gives me ideas for future creations.

When I work with lace, it speaks to me, shows me the way to perfection…

Do you consider fashion industry a hard place to work? How do you deal with the need to acknowledge what people will actually buy and not concentrating on what you would love to design?

This was one of the reasons why I’ve decided to concentrate on bridal fashion. Here I can design what I really enjoy, feel freedom to create what I want and how I see it. I have a great understanding of my target customer needs and wishes in bridal collections.

30th Riga Fashion Week Final Show from KATYA KATYA LONDON

What are your thoughts about “fast fashion” and overproduction, which are considered now a bad tendency in the world?

Personally, I’m trying to prolong life of my clothes by gifting them to my friends, ofcourse if they are still in good condition and I am sure I won’t wear them anymore. If the condition is not great, I take them to H&M for recycling, feeling a great joy and satisfaction for this action! Letting myself buy something new afterwards works like an equal exchange. I also really like to search for clothes and home decors in vintage shops, finding something unusual, unique. It is also an opposite of “fast fashion”, ability to give new life to things which once were precious and meaningful for someone else.

Do you care about the consequences of  “fast fashion” production and its’ impact on the world? What do you think about global industrialization and disappearance of small manufacturers?

Unfortunately, I think that soon there will be only cheap mass-market producers and expensive brands left in the world’s fashion market. Either enormous production, or exclusive designs with hand-made details and soul being put in each item. Everything in between will be having a hard time existing.
Tremendous overproduction upsets me! I can clearly see that there are way too many items available in stores and not enough consumers who are capable of buying them all. This pictures stores not only in Latvia, but all around the world. I sincerely hope that soon more positive and smart decisions will be made regarding this matter, recycling popularity will rise, and we will witness changes for the better future.

Femininity goes from inside, no matter what woman wears

In your opinion, what is the most feminine things for women to wear, is it important to boost feminine energy with outfit?

In my opinion, femininity goes from inside, no matter what woman wears. It can easily be jeans or man-alike suit, but woman can irradiate super-femininity. So, it’s all about the woman’s internal content, her essence. And, of course, one of the most important things for women is self-confidence. Right outfit in a right moment for sure can help to feel more confident and self-aware, to give additional strength on the way to achieving goals. I do believe in the power of outfit.

Some say that fashion has no limits and no boundaries. Is there some important rules or “laws” for you in fashion nowadays?

I honestly don’t really support the trend of “ugly fashion”. I was always and always will remain Team Beauty and Harmony. From my point of view, everything should be at least tidy and neat. Want to believe that “ugly” trend will in soon vanish, and we will be celebrating fashion of harmony and femininity all over again.

Going back to the beginning of our interview, is it hard to find time for vacation, rest or self-care, being involved in such a widescale fashion business as yours?

With age comes wisdom (laughing). For me, in particular, sport has become more and more important. It releases me from stress, clears my thoughts. In addition to all that, it is a great way to challenge yourself, to overcome bad moments, bad habits. By the way, I’m in constant battle with my laziness.

Also, my family is very important to me. I do realize that time flies, and I don’t want to look back and see that my kids have grown without my attention. I am doing my best to appreciate them in my life, to give as much care as I can. So, I work hard to find and keep my balance!

And I wish for everyone to keep their balance, because your loved ones are the most important!

I wish to everybody to keep their balance, because your loved ones are the most important!

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