10 most important shows from Riga Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 19/20

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10 most important shows from Riga Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 19/20
It was wonderful to greet Riga Fashion Week already for 30th time. This season both designers and guests surprised us with style which is no worse than Leandra Medine at New York Fashion Week. Indeed, this year fashion was like pure rock and roll. There was everything from elegance of Iveta Vecmane till real femme fatale looks by Amoralle. All collections expressed manifesto of woman’s free spirit and sensuality.
For you all, fashion and life lovers, here are the coolest events and shows from Riga Fashion Week.

RFW opening fashion show was held in Riga Central Gastro Bar. First of all, we want to compliment on a place selection. Central Gastro Bar is a new urban street food place which is definitely worth checking out. Of course, in big fashion metropolises fashion shows in unusual places are common thing.

We are happy that someone in Latvia is starting this trend, because the best way to highlight something is by adding contrasts.

Art Deco exterior of Riga Central Market versus urban luxury looks of Public Makes Image and BLCV by Bulichev was an interesting tandem to watch.

As a warm-up for runway shows we had a chance to participate in some events organized by the best fashion boutiques. One from our favourite was presentation of Soyka Secret Garden – boutique which represents both Latvian and Georgian design.

Lately Balkan fashion has become a thing and we are happy that this trend is coming to Latvia also.

Soyka Secret Garden Presentation was truly like dessert for eyes. Spring blossoms with juicy colors made Balkan beauty captivating. These pieces you can definitely add to your spring ultimate look.

One of our favorite Day 3 shows was definitely Diana Arno. While in Tallinn she presented her SS19 collection, in Riga we had a chance to be the first ones to see the new AW19 collection. And again Diana has proven that she is an expert at what she does.

Classic cut trench coats combined with splashes of burgundy and beige colors made elegant luxury looks.

Diana has a sense of “right amount” by adding those small details which gives an outfit personality. She combines trendy elements like prairie style dresses with timeless pieces making a modern women’s look.


Also Iveta Vecmane presented another shade of melancholia in RFW.

Her collection Melancholia III consists of timeless pieces which emphasize the meaning of “slow fashion”.

Besides Iveta Vecmane always accentuate concept and her own personality in every collection. Sadness reflected in pure colours and feminine silhouettes. We also loved the combination of feminine garments and masculine details e.g. elegant cylinder hat.


Fashion week is not only about style and the way how you dress.

The most important thing in this event is to enjoy life whilst being in the right place at the right time.

Besides fashion shows, RFW held other cool events – presentations and wild parties after fashion shows. One of them ”GO BOLD OR GO HOME”  took place at our home in Terbatas Street. Because there is nothing better than enjoying yummy cocktails from Hennessy and having nice people around.

Besides fashion we also had a chance to enjoy culture and art vibes. Art Gallery Putti always impresses its visitors with contemporary and conceptual jewellery pieces. By the time of RFW Art Gallery Putti opened a new exhibition ESTONISHING! It was a truly inspiring interaction between contemporary art and Estonian national features like natural material usage and interesting work techniques.

Small jewellery pieces, but at the same time each of them is like an artwork itself.

Photo by tanelveentre

At the moment society experiences a cult of femininity and sensuality.

Women dress what and how they want. They can be beautiful for themselves.

New collection by Amoralle speaks for women and makes them feel sexual and desirable. We love femininity just as much as Amoralle does. Lace and silk are the things women can wear every day, not only on special occasions.

On Day 5 we finally had a moment for kids fashion. Our favorite was Aristrocat Kids.

These dresses definitely are every girl’s dream. So many embodied details, laces and sparkles.

Seems like every flower has its own story. When we saw this collection we fell into daydream and almost forgot why we were there. In a good way, of course. Fashion show was ravishing!

RFW Day 5 pleasantly surprised us with the new collection from Baiba Ladiga. Minimalism and Scandinavian motifs appeared both in fashion show and garments. We love the way how Baiba plays with silhouettes and mixes combinations of black and white with emerald accents.

Clear colours and simple design are the things which we need to stay focused in the world of fashion.

Every collection is different and there is so much stuff going on! Nowadays simplicity stands out and helps us focusing on important matters.

The last show on Day 5 was by Katya Katya.

One fact – she is definitely worth to remember as Katya has her own special handwriting.

We saw beautiful embroidered floral motifs with a light touch of sheer fabric. And bohemian wedding looks with cotton lace made a beautiful ending of 30th Riga Fashion Week.

For small countries it is always rather difficult to make good fashion weeks. Despite crowded spaces in RFW hall, organizers did a fantastic job. But the most important is that designers showed qualitative content in their collections and sustainable fashion. We have things and people to be proud of and some of them can be seen in RFW.

Photo by Ģirts Raģelis


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